032 3245780 +63 9171386229
Pacific Traders Complex, Casuntingan,Mandaue City


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Pacific Traders Complex,
Casuntingan,Mandaue City

Contact no.: 032 3245780  +63 9171386229
Email: contact@cabinex.net

We are a newly  incorporated company that desires to meet the  demands of the modern world. An integration of sound financial management, competent professionals, highly skilled manpower, modern technology, quality materials, and strong commitment to quality service and products.

We treat each customer as special and unique and strive hard to  make  customer satisfaction as our goal.


Our Vision

To become one of the leading and preferred cabinet manufacturers in the Philippines.

Our Mission

  • To focus on quality and integrity of our products.
  • To be flexible to our customer’s needs and to the ever changing market place and technology advances.


  • We listen to our customers needs and concerns.
  • We visit the site and make accurate measurements.
  • We propose our best designs based on customers needs.
  • We build the products.
  • We install them on site.
  • We listen to customers feedback.